Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is there a BIG difference between a size 10 and 10.5 in shoes?

i just won these misfits slip ons on ebay but there out of stock of size 10 and thats what i wear they have 10.5 is it a big difference? will it be ok? plese HELP!

Is there a BIG difference between a size 10 and 10.5 in shoes?
A half size is about a half a centimeter in the US. So- no it is not a big difference.
Reply:No, not huge - tho with slip ons it may make more of a difference than with lace ups for example. Also, depends if you are %26#039;just%26#039; fitting into size 10 normally, or if you%26#039;re really closer to a 9.5

Ah well, you can always sell them on if they don%26#039;t fit - or put heel grips in the backs, and insoles in the base - there%26#039;s normally a way around it!
Reply:Not a big difference :)
Reply:10.5 is really only half a cm bigger then a 10 but some shoes are alittle different in there sizing.
Reply:only about a .5 difference.. Your toes can handle it.
Reply:no... but why would you bid on shoes that arent your size?
Reply:it doesnt really make much difference unless theyre too small, so you should definitely be fine
Reply:ahhh! first off i LOVE them!! and secondly they should fit just fine!
Reply:... im assuming its a difference, or else there wouldnt be actual sizes.

it always depends on the brand/maker of the actual shoe... as we all know, different brands run sizes differently.

if your lucky, they might fit though.
Reply:yah not a big difference, i noramlly wear an 11, but my feet are kina dif sizes, the big one fits in a 10.5, the other in like a 9.5 but my feet are kina fat, so i always size up to the 11. and ive never had a problem, as long as there just everyday plain shoes sure, the only time you really need an exact perfect fit is in heels and athletic shoes/

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